The place is called by the cross carved in green stone that comes to mark the center of the island.

La Cruz de Tejeda is a sculpture that marks the center of the island. From here the whole island is connected. A privileged to visit unique places of authentic island of Gran Canaria site. The hotel refuge, is located opposite the National Parador de Gran Canaria.It is located 7 kilometers from the town of Tejeda at an altitude 1560 meters in a mountainous area of great beauty, between almond orchards. Being in an environment of nature, noted for its magnificent views over the island and a large stone cross “La Cruz de Tejeda” presiding entry and whose function was to provide guidance to the residents of the seventeenth century. Cruz de Tejeda is the geographical center of the island of Gran Canaria and the meeting point of the most ancient trails that are still used every day by many walkers. Formerly crossroads and place of passage for its location in the geographical center of the island, today it is a popular place for tourists arriving by modern highways that converge at this point with the old paths, recovered for the enjoyment of walkers.

Petrified storm


The petrified storm named by Miguel de Unamuno, stems from depression forming the Caldera de Tejeda, carved by water and flooded by volcanic lavas. In this breathtaking landscape, highlighting the Iroquois who came to clog the craters, including highlight the Roque Nublo (1,803 m), symbol of Gran Canaria, the Friar or Bentayga.

Roque Nublo


Roque Nublo is listed as a natural monument, within the Rural Park with the same name. Very close to it is the rock El Fraile, a stone monolith whose silhouette remembers a friar with his habits and his hands in prayer position.

Roque Bentaiga


Roque Bentayga is a basalt monolith situated at an altitude of 1,404 meters. In its vicinity we can find a place of aboriginal cult: Almogarén. This space is an enormous archaeological site and interpreted as a place to observe the stars and the moon. Amateur archeology and astronomy understand that may be related to rituals performed at the equinoxes Summer at sunrise.

Cruz de Tejeda


Tejeda has received official distinction within “the most beautiful villages of Spain”. This is the first of Canary to receive it.
The village of Tejeda, 9 km. It is a must for discovering the archaeological heritage of the island where you will find traces of burial caves, gravel and paintings. You can also visit the archaeological park of Bentayga, an eco-museum, and interpretation center of Los Roques: Nublo, Bentayga, Anden of Tabacalete, Cuevas del Rey and Roquette.